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Castle of Laslo Karaconji, Novo Milosevo
  Castle "Karaconji" Novo Milosevo  

   Laslo Karaconji built the castle but year of built is not exact and it can be put betvin 1838.-1842. year. Aroun castle were economic and auxiliary objects: washing room, glasse gardens for flovers and plants, home for servents and workshops. Behinde the castle towords the railway line, was a park that spread on 5 - 6 hectars. The mager part of count Eugen Jene Karaconji estate was sold betvin 1905 - 1911 year. Smoler part of estate, whit castle, was bought in 1903. Franja Merlak. In 1932. law-suit was started infront of international court of law in Hag for restitution of estate to ex owners. That time owner Merlak decidet to demolishe castle and sell it as building material. Fragments of this building (parts of fence, colons, one of lions...) and few photographies is all thats left and remembers to castle.

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