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Castle of Seminary, Sremski Karlovci
  Castle of "Seminary" Sremski Karlovci  

   The building was built under the patriarch Gcorgije Brankovic in 1900, as the "People's Home". It has a square basic with the corners decorated with decorative rustic works. The first full-time seminary for the Ortodox Serbs was founded by the mitropolian of Karlovci, Stefan Stratimirovic, in Karlovci in 1794. At the end of the 19th century, one of the first cathedras for apiculture in Europe, was founded within the Seminary (prof. Jovan Zivkovic). One should point out that the home of our famous and beautiful church singing was in the Seminary of Karlovci. This is the famous church singing of Karlovci. The teachers of this singing were the archpriest of Popovic Dinasty and the priest Djura Popovic. This type of singing has been preserved even today in the church music of Kornelije Stankovic.

The Seminary has been in this building since 1964 (and it still works at the level of a secondary school) "St. Arsenije", as well as the Archives of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
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