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Iodine Spa, Novi Sad
  "Iodine Spa" Novi Sad  

   Iodine Spa in Novi Sad was created in late 19th century (1897) in the process of drilling artesian well in Futoska forest for the town water supply. Drilling process lead to the discovery of warm mineral water (24,6°C) containing iodine. Its beneficial effects were later analyzed and confirmed. As an organized health institution, Town Iodine Spa began its work in 1910, after receiving the official approval and proclaiming its status of a Health Spa. Building was constructed upon the initiative of a medical doctor and balneologist, Wilhelm Wilt. Renowned architect from Budapest, Mr. Imre Francek, was in charge of the design. Among other things, Imre Francek requested building of the arterial bath in the middle of the park. Building construction began in 1908. In those times, secession-style building of the Iodine Spa was one of the most significant facilities of the west side of the town, which was also a great contribution to the ambiance quality of that area. Health service of the Spa was very high-profiled. The Spa had a permanently employed medical doctor, a specialist in balneology who was also the first Manager of the Spa, doctor Wilhelm Wilt (1875-1939). At that time, many bathtubs and showers, as well as three pools with hot and cold water were in use. Various therapeutic procedures were employed at the department for physical therapy: electro-therapy, phototherapy, criotherapy, heliotherapy, fungo therapy, as well as massage. Different therapeutic baths were also used: salt-bath, sulphuric bath, carbon and acidic baths, bathing in lather, dry air baths, etc. Spa was visited by patients suffering from rheumatic diseases, neuralgias, painful and swollen rheumatic or traumatized joints, acute and chronic gastric or intestinal catarrh, patients with inflammation of kidneys, patience suffering from obesity related diseases, etc. In 1931, the Spa was extended and the Hotel “Park” was constructed (it was designed by a renown architect from Novi Sad, Mr. Djordje Tabakovic). This Hotel provided accommodation for the visitors of the Spa. Shortly after the World War II 1946-1948, this institution operated as a medical and catering service under the title “Novi Sad Iodine Spa and the Hotel “Park”. Mrs. Olga Sakota was the Director. In 1957, Center for Medical Rehabilitation was founded within the Spa, as a forerunner of the medical of Vojvodina. It was the beginning of the development of kinesis therapy and working therapy, more equipment for physical therapy was acquired and professional personnel structure was changed. Since 1966, this institution alternated in processes of integration and indepen-dence. In 1991, partial adaptation of the building’s exterior and interior was carried out and computer equipment was intro-duced in all essential work processes. In 1977, pool placed in the part of the building that was constructed in 1910, was closed down. Due to the deterioration of this part of the building and its installations, as well as to the fact that rebuilding was impossible, all forms of hydrotherapy were discontinued in 1994. In late 2002, doctor Milijanka Lazarevic, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, was appointed as a Director of the Department for Rheumatism in Novi Sad. With financial assistance of the Provincial Government as one of its founders and with the assistance of the respective Secretariat, roof was fully repaired and reconstructed, as well as all sanitary facilities. Interior of the building was renovated thoroughly, new floors were laid down in the diagnostic and ambulance section and the Department for application of paraffin and parafang was renewed. In addition, new building for therapy with most up-to-date and specific equipment was opened. (text taken from
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